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Why sell your property with Pueblo Del Sol Real Estate?

Pueblo del Sol Real Estate offers dedicated service to our clients in all aspects of business. Selling real estate property is not an easy decision and our goal is to help our sellers gain the most from their investment. We can help you sell your property no matter what your needs are. Our clientele vary from investors and developers, to sellers simply hoping to relocate, refinance, or market an estate.

It is important to obtain a profit from a real estate transaction and we encourage our sellers to list their properties at contemporary market prices. Because each parcel of land differs from its neighbor and every home offers its own unique character, our suggested selling prices are determined by competitive market analysis. This means that properties are priced based on comparisons from comprehensive research of previous sales and comparable listings. Competitive market analysis (CMA) offers a realistic and market savvy pricing of listings. Results from CMAs are simply suggested to our sellers and the final asking price is determined by mutual agreement between sellers and their representative brokers or agents. Competitive Market Analysis is designed to aid sellers in settling on a listing price encouraging of a sale in a reasonable period of time.

Sellers are also welcome to browse our current listings to get an idea of current market prices.



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